HackfixNews: Sophos Anti-Virus IDE alert: Troj/Peido-A ~ Troj/Maz.C

  • From: "Mike" <mikebike@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:14:42 -0800

From; Sophos Alert System 

Name: Troj/Peido-A
Aliases: Downloader-BO.dr
Type: Trojan
Date: 21 November 2002

A virus identity file (IDE) which provides protection is
available now from our website and will be incorporated into the
January 2003 (3.65) release of Sophos Anti-Virus.

Sophos has received several reports of this Trojan from the

Note: Sophos Anti-Virus has been detecting Troj/Peido-A since
18:36 GMT on 19 November but has issued this new IDE to improve

More information about Troj/Peido-A can be found at

Download the IDE file from

Download a ZIP file containing all the IDE files available for
the current version of Sophos Anti-Virus from

Read about how to use IDE files at


From; MessageLabs' Virus Alert service

Trojan name: Troj/Maz.C
Aliases:  Downloader-BO.dr
Number of copies seen so far: 5
Time & Date first Captured: 19 Nov 2002, 14:37 GMT
Origin of first intercepted copy: USA
Number of countries seen active: 2
Most active countries: USA, UK

Technical Details

The new Troj/Maz.C variant has been e-mailed to a number of users. From the
copies that we have seen, the message appears as follows: 

     From: MAILER-DAEMON@(recipient domain)

     Body : 
      Unfortunately, it was not possible to deliver one or more of your
      messages. For more information, please, take a look in the 

     Attachment: mail.hta 


In copies that we have intercepted the attachment displays an HTML advert,
but contains a Visual Basic script that drops a variant of the Downloader-BO
(a.k.a. Inor) component, which subsequently attempts to download and install
the Backdoor-AML (a.k.a. Jeem) component from a website, hosted at: 


The Backdoor-AML component opens three TCP ports that may be used to access
the compromised machine remotely, 6079, 5262 and 4668.  The 4668 port may
subsequently be used as SMTP relays to further distribute the e-mail
component to other recipients.  


It is recommended that customers should ensure that they have configured
their firewall software to block any incoming TCP traffic on these ports. 

Further details on the Troj/Maz.A and Troj/Maz.B trojan may be found on the
MessageLabs website at: 


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