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August 21, 2003 
Tightening The Security Screws In Windows 
By Larry Seltzer 

Everyone agrees, even me, that education is crucial
to make our computer systems more secure. But recent
experiences don't paint an optimistic picture. Either
we're not educating people or education is not
working: Too many users still fail to take simple
precautions to protect themselves, and many engage in
dangerous practices that perpetuate attacks.

The incidents of the past couple of weeks are both
illustrative. The Blaster worm succeeded in spite
of a massive publicity campaign on the danger of the
relevant flaw in Windows and the existence of a

Worse, in monitoring several security mailing lists I
saw many users looking for any excuse not to apply
the patch.   According to conservative estimates,
some 500,000 systems were infected with Blaster, and
I've seen much higher estimates. For example,
Satellite ISP DirecWay just sent out an e-mail to
their customers stating that "approximately 10 to 20
percent of DIRECWAY end-users are infected with the
Blaster virus." 

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