hackfix-virusnews: Symantec adds product activation (interesting article)

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Symantec adds product activation 

By David Becker 
Staff Writer, CNET News.com
August 26, 2003, 3:37 PM PT

Security software and service company Symantec has
added a controversial type of antipiracy technology
to the new version of its main virus-zapping program.

Norton Antivirus 2004, which Symantec announced
Monday for release next month, will use product
activation, an increasingly common technique to tie a
copy of an application to a particular PC. Symantec
plans to add activation to the rest of its consumer
software line over the next year. 

Del Smith, senior product manger for Symantec, said
activation is intended to protect consumers from
widespread counterfeit copies of Symantec programs.
The company estimates at least 3.6 million bogus
copies of its programs are sold annually, causing
headaches both for Symantec and unsuspecting buyers,
who find out too late that the software isn't doing
the job. 

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