[guispeak] Re: warning -- windows ate my files!!!!!

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Check the Undo last System Restore radiobutton, in the System Tools submenu, 
and proceed to do that.  that should put your data  back as it was before.  All 
.exe files since the earlier time you restore to, are deleted.  You should 
remove any programs you installed between then and now, before restoring to an 
earlier time.  

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  Hello all --
  Please excuse the cross posting, but I am broadcasting this not only as a 
  warning to other unsuspecting readers, but also a question as to whether or 
  not it is possible to recover files I lost using the restore command on the 
  system tools menu.

  Restore put up a statement when it first started that it would not affect 
  email or other personal data files during a rollback.  However, last week I 
  rolled back my system a week or so to fix a problem, and while it doesn't 
  appear to have affected my email, it did clobber a program I am working on. 
  It seems to have restored an earlier version of many of the files so I have 
  lost a week's worth of work on it.

  Does anyone know if this can be undone?
  Why, even though the files were in My Documents -- why did windows restore 
  those data files when it clearly said it would not touch personal data???
  If there is a way to restore these files, could someone please explain how? 
  I do not trust these commands.  I am quite hopping mad -- please excuse the 
  rant, it's just that I can't remember what all I modified during the week 
  and at least 4 of the files that I know I changed were rolled back.

  Any help appreciated!!!!

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