[guispeak] Re: transferring rules in Outlook Express

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Hi, Jerry!

Thank you for your info! I guess that wrestling with registry is quite scary, 
as you said. I hope to find a sort of "file" that may contain rules of OE. If 
that does not exit, I may just go ahead to make another set of rules in OE for 
a new PC. Hew! That's a tedious, time-consuming job, although it's doable.


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  Hi Heewon, 
  I can think of a couple of possible ways you might transfer your rules though 
I haven't actually done it.  One way might be to use the Files and Settings 
Transfer Wizard that's present in Windows XP and hopefully some other versions. 
 The wizard is generally used to migrate a bunch of your documents and settings 
from one computer to another, and it might try to move more stuff than you want 
it to.  However, I would assume that those message rules would be among the 
kinds of things that might be moved. 

  The other approach that might work, and this may be the scarier approach, is 
to find where the rules are located in your registry and save that section of 
the registry tree to a .reg file which you could then merge into the registry 
on the computer you want to move the rules to.  I am pretty sure that Outlook 
Express stores message rules in the registry.  If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone 
will set me straight. 

  Hope this helps, 

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  Hi, all! 
  I am trying to figure out how to copy and move rules of OE from one computer 
to another. If you know it, please pass it to me. 
  Best regards, 

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