[guispeak] Re: reading a jpg file

  • From: "Khalid" <khalid@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 19:01:31 +0300

Hi George,
    My problem isn't in scanning books. A friend of mine e-mail me  the 
final exams of last year of one of the courses I'm taking  in jpg format. I 
want to read these papers via OP. Each page of the exam is on a jpg file.
Best Regards,
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  Hi Khalid,

  If you are just scanning books, why not tell Omnipage to scan as text?


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    Hi all,
        I'm using omni page 14. I'm wondering how can I read a paper sent 
to me as a jpg file via omni page. one idea comes to mind, printing the jpg 
file then scanning it, but this way is impractical. Can some one tell me of 
another way to read the jpg file by using omni page directly. Is there a 
sort of image recognition in OP14? I only use OP for scanning books.
    Thanks in advance

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