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  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 16:30:25 -0600

A friend needed their computer restored and we needed to backup the money files before starting. They are now using Windows-xp professional with Money 2001. The 2001 version is used since this what they owned in the past and didn't want to buy a new version since this one has been working fine. However, I haven't ever used money and cant seem to find the backup files when restored on the new drive. This is what was done. Any guidance would be very very greatly appreciated.

The friend is sighted. However, I am using speech on my computer to simulate the same situation. JFW or Windows version 5.0 will not read the money screen.

So I am ttrying to tell them what to do using keystrokes and sometimes the mouse.

1. backed up the files from money 2001 using the backup option before formatting the drive and cleaning up the computer.

2. Formatted and installed Windows-xp on the drive which is 30 gb.

3. Installed Money 2001 on the restored drive.

4. Opened money and press control plus o to reach the open box.

5. Pressed alt plus I for look in and moved to the floppy.

6. Located the only file on this disc which is the backup file and pressed enter on it.

7. Money said it was restoring the files.

This is where the problem comes. We can not find the restored files/records from the floppy. You are not shown where the restored files are being placed.

I use the Talking Checkbook and certainly need help with this one.

Thanks again in advance!!

Thanks again in advance!! helping

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