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  • Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:19:10 -0500

easiest way it go to
type in your username and password in the proper boxes.
click listen button
you ought to get a new window opening up.  TYpe the channel number you want
in the edit box. hit tab once. Jaws says nothing.
hit enter
your channel ought to play
if it doesn't, ensure that there are no proxie settings set in your media

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  Hello Listers,
  as a father's day gift, my son signed me up for xm radio.
  He purchased a portable xm radio unit, and registered me for online access
as well. The portable unit, the "SkyBox", works well for me.  However,
trying to listen to xm radio on my computer does not work so well for me.
  If anyone has figured out how to listen to xm radio via computer, please
give me a hand.
  Thanks for any help.


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