[guispeak] Re: Transferring Outlook Express Mail Folders to New Machine

  • From: "Bharat Bhardwaj" <bharat.b@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 11:58:42 +0530

oh wow, it worked for you so nicely!! but personally, i think, copying pasting 
the outlook folders from one place to another is sort of risky, especially when 
you have a lot of valuable stuff in there. besides, i have heard many succeed 
in this mammoth task. 
    again, thanks a lot for telling me that this too is possible.
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  Barrett wrote:

    if you like, & still have your old machine within your reach, you might 
like to try to use the e-backup utility which you can get from 


    in case you are a jaws user, you might like to download the jaws scripts 
for the same from:


    one reason why copying & pasting of folders doesn't really work this way is 
because,  when e-backup backs up or restores the identity & other things, it 
also copies & restores the registration entries. an absolute guess. i say so, 
because i saw these .reg files in the backup folder that it created for me.

    Thanks for the tip. Actually, I think I just solved this.  When I went to 
the directory where I placed the old folders and took another look, I saw a 
folders.dbx file, so, just as an experiment, I threw the folders.dbx file in 
the Recycle bin and let Outlook Express rebuild it.  Now I can see the old 
folders and read messages in them.  Cool.


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