[guispeak] Transferring Mail Folders From An Old Machine

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Hi all,
I've been using a Dell 4100 running Windows ME for five years and just got a 
brand-new Dell 5150 running Windows XP Pro.  It's a real screamer, but that's 
not what I'm writing about.  Here's the deal: I've archived a lot of mail on 
the old machine, correspondence from family and friends, archived mail from 
various lists etc. and I managed to pull the .dbx files off of the old machine 
and put them into a directory on the root of the new hard drive.  Now what I 
want to do is plug them into the appropriate place where Outlook Express stores 
them on the new machine.  Is this even feasible? What's the best way to do 
this, as I want to make the process as quick and painless as possible.  
Thanks in advance.

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  Hi All,
      I used to receive an e-mail from smartgroups whenever a new member  joins 
the list. However, in a new mailing list  which I've created recently, I don't 
receive any e-mail when someone joins the list. I've check the mailing list 
setting, but I couldn't find something relates to e-mail alerts
  Any suggestion in how to have thing as before!

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