[guispeak] TextPal 1.8 released

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:38:05 -0400 (EDT)


Version 1.8
Released October 12, 2006

Using a different dialog engine (IniForm) to improve stability in some
parts of the user interface.  Fixed the Help command, F1, not reliably
launching the TextPal documentation in the default web browser.

Enhancement to support multiple bookmarks per file.  When a file is
opened, TextPal automatically goes to the last one,  if found.  If more
than one bookmark exists, the Go to Bookmark command, Alt+K, presents a
list of bookmarked lines, with the default choice being the next one ahead
of the current cursor position.

The IndentAlert mode, Alt+Shift+I, now speaks the change in indentation
level when using up or down arrow keys, e.g., "saying In 1," or "Out 2."
With JAWS, this announcement is before the new line is read.

The File Find command, Alt+Shift+F, quickly presents the previous results
if the same search is repeated.  Also, the default choice in the list will
be the file after the one last chosen.    If text is selected, the Run At
Cursor command, Shift+F5, prompts with that text rather than the current

Two more options are available through the Settings command, Alt+S.  You
can cnfigure the main TextPal window to be maximized at start up.  You can
also turn word wrap off at start up.  As before, all configuration options
are focusable with a unique hot key in the Settings dialog, e.g., Alt+W
for WordWrapStartUp.


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