[guispeak] Re: Problem With Windows Mail

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 15:41:23 -0600

Thanks, George.  We have two accounts with the ISP and have experienced
no difficulty with sending from the other account using Winhdows XP.
Someone has suggested some port changes, so will try those when I get
home this evening.


Keith Bundy

Director of Student Development

ADA Academic Coordinator

Dakota State University

Madison, SD


Email: keith.bundy@xxxxxxx


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Subject: [guispeak] Re: Problem With Windows Mail


Hi Keith,


I'm inclined to suggest you check this out with your ISP.  Seems
significant that it happened at the start of the year, so perhaps they
have changed over mail servers or something like that.





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Subject: [guispeak] Problem With Windows Mail

Hello, Listers.  I am using a Gateway Tablet PC with Windows Vista and
JAWS 9.  Up until a few days ago, I had no problem with Windows Mail.


However, ever since the first of the year, Windows Mail will not send
messages.  I press send, but they remain in the Outbox.  I have checked
the system's memory, and it says I am only using 37.5% of memory.  I
have checked server settings, and all is in order.


When I close Windows Mail, I am asked if I want to send the unsent
messages that are in my Outbox.  I always say yes, but they are never


Any suggestions would definitely be appreciated.


Keith Bundy

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