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Hi all --
Well I have checked this out further and have two new pieces of info:
First, the sonus-1xt is a digital radio and therefore will not work (at 
least that is the concensus of the people I have spoken with) in the US, so 
those of here in America are out of luck until someone produces a similar 
product that will work here...

Second, if you go to the John Lewis site and find other products you are 
interested in, you can't order directly from there unless you live in Great 
Britain.  For shipments outside England you have to send email containing 
the product list and your name and address and phone and email addy to


and they will calculate the correct amount of money in your local currency 
and work out payment.  (Since I have never proceded that far, I don't know 
if they take paypal or credit cards but I'm sure it is something like that.)

Anyway, thought i'd pass it along.
Happy shopping.

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Pure Sonus 1XT, £119, 08456 049 049;

As more and more digital radios appear on the market, it is increasingly
difficult for manufacturers to be heard - which, I assume, is why Pure has
a DAB radio that can shout down all the competition. That's right - it
talks. Or maybe I'm just being cynical, as the Royal National Institute of
the Blind
was involved in the development of the Sonus 1XT. And it will make life a
lot easier for those visually impaired. Using a human voice (you can pick
or female), it tells you the available stations as you scroll through them,
and if you tap the SnoozeHandle, you'll get a speaking clock; tap it twice
and it lets you know the alarm settings. It can verbally guide you through
setting up the radio and you can turn the speech off.

Another great idea for all users is its Volume Equalisation Technology,
which enables the radio to monitor and adjust the audio levels of every
so the volume stays at your chosen level.

Whether you think the Sonus is a gimmick, or a great idea, it is a
well-made, well-thought-out radio with a reasonable price tag.

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