[guispeak] Online Security

  • From: "marvin hunkin" <marvkin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 12:52:44 +1000

need some security tips, tricks, and suggestions, if you can help me out.
Okay at the moment, have my hotmail set to low for my junk filter.
looking to set this to exclusive.
putting all my mailling lists in the mailling list category, and putting all

my contacts in the safe list.
now was wondering, the last time i did this about 18 months ago, lost some
of my mailling lists, like bcab, etc.
now, instead of spending hours and trying to remember all my mailling,
discussion groups, news groups etc.
is there a simple, accessible tool, where it would gather information,
collect all the mailling list, and discussion group addresses, and arrange
them like in a database structure?
any tools like that you came across.
or just do the manual thing, of manually setting it all up.
now, have subscribed with several job online organisations, like my career,
job serve, australian job search, tasmanian jobs online, byron
now, got my resumae up, and was wondering, do not want my name and address
details showing up on there?
so is it worth closing those accounts down?
now, when sending e-mail, is there any physical way of hiding the name of
the sender.
maybe i am a bit paranoid.
saw a story on today tonight last night about scamming, incuding on the net.
and one person, accidentally worked for one of these scamming companies by
another one almost wired money to one of these companies.
and had the help of the afp.
now, got the third degree from my mum, saying not to subscribe or order, any

thing, as do not have a credit card, not to give my name, address, online.
so was wondering, got any tips, for keeping my details, secure, and safe
while on the net.
or would it be safer, when i get my own laptop, hopefully in the next few
months, maybe change my e-mail address from hotmail, to a provider, where i
do not have a lock in contract.
that a whole story all by its self.
so let me know what experiences, you have3 had of this one.
cheers Marvin.

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