[guispeak] Re: Malfunction between the chair and the keyboard

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Oh dear -- I always wondered if there was a way to undelete -- if you find out 
how to do it, please post.
I believe there is a way to do it, especially if it is something you have just 
But I don't know the details.
I'll ask my nephew, who is a guru in such things.
Take care and good luck.

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  Well, folks, I've made a truly stupid mistake, and I am wondering if there is 
any solution for my stupidity.

  I am using Windows XP Professional, and, without thinking, I hit shift plus 
delete and deleted an entire folder which I need.  Does Windows XP have an 
undelete feature?  Would the System Restore function bring back my folder?

  Thanks for any help you can give me.


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