[guispeak] Jaws 10 Beta

  • From: "Marvin Hunkin" <startrekcafe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 20:37:44 +1000

i have submitted a couple of bug reports to fs, regarding, that jaws resets 
back to the american english, when using screen saver or logging into 
windows vista.
also, created a database in ms access 2007, and could not get the combo box 
wizard to start, unless i am doing something wrong.
i created a database, table, set it in design view, set the properties of 
three text fields, firstname, lastname and e-mail.
then went to the form, designer tab, dropped a form, then, went to form 
design, then went to form tools, now was i to select the form, or select 
all, turned control wizards on, but when i tab to the combo box, hit enter, 
nothing happend, and the first page of the combo box wizard did not come up.
i did fleuk it the other day, but cannot remember what i did, and had to 
route the jaws cursur a lot, in jaws 9, and had to use the insert tab, key 
to read the current items say like in the field list box to add fields.
also, when i tried to go into design form view, and hit control shift b, to 
bring up the form controls dialog box, nothing happend.
maybe  someone, can explain, why i was having these problems, and is it just 
on windows vista, or does it happen on other operatings systems like windows 
xp, using office 2007.
just my thoughts.
and do like the auto forms mode, easy to hear when i am on a form, and do 
not have to bother with forms mode.
cheers Marvin. 

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