[guispeak] Re: JFW 6.1 & Computer Compatibility Question - WARNING! Venting Occurs.

  • From: Andy Baracco <wq6r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: acb-l@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 21:51:51 -0700

i am having my own problem with JFW 6.1. At work, I am running a Dell computer with XP Pro and JFW 6.1 on a network which is remotely controlled by the network admin. Since installing JFW 6.1, i notice that occasionally, just out of the blue, a gremlin takes over my keyboard. no matter what ap I am in, when i hit any of the arrow keys, JFW will say "Not in a table". The NUMPAD-INSERT key is useless, so I can't issue any JAWS commands. When i hit the ALT key, I am taken into the dropdown menus, but can't use the arrow keys because it will say "Not in a table". If I hit NUMPAD-INSERT F4 it will say either ALT-F4 or ALT-CONTROL-F4. If i hit NUMPAD-INSERT-T to read the title bar, it will say either ALT-T or ALT-CONTROL-T and do nothing. If I hit ALT-F4 nothing happens. If i hit the NUMLOCK key it says either ALT-NUMLOCK OFF or ON, or ALT-CONTROL-NUMLOCK off or on. i usually end up having to reboot to restore things to normal. What is going on? Someone suggested that it could be JFW conflicting with the remote software used by the network admin. interestingly, this problem doesn't happen with Window-Eyes.

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