[guispeak] Re: IE 7 & Screen Readers?

  • From: "Christopher McMillan" <chrismcmillan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 10:56:39 -0400

Dear George:

Thanks for your valuable source on this information.  My local reps misinformed 

Thanks again!!

Here I go into Jaws 7.1

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  Subject: [guispeak] Re: IE 7 & Screen Readers?

  Thanks George, Chris and ALL for your info.

  Since I use Jaws this info will be a VERY big help to me.  I have been 
debating for sometime about downloading and installing J7.1 but now I guess 
that upgrading to J7.1 is a MUST.
  Thanks one and all for the headsup.

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    From: George Bell 
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    Subject: [guispeak] Re: IE 7 & Screen Readers?

    Hi Paul,

    Here is a positing below which I have just made to the JAWS-UK list.  I 
cannot speak for any other screen readers.


    Now that I.E.7 being released, a word to the wise.

    I have it on the very best of authority that this will ONLY work properly 
with JAWS 7.1

    If you have JAWS 7.0, Forms Mode will certainly not work properly, and 
there may be other unexpected problems.

    It is definitely NOT recommended that you use IE7 with any previous version 
of JAWS.

    Please don't say you have not been warned.


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    Subject: [guispeak] IE 7 & Screen Readers?

    Hi all.

    I was wondering if anyone of the screen reader packages support IE 7 yet.  
I would be VERY interested to know because I have heard that it will be an 
automatic update and I would like to have at least a little headsup before that 

    I have my system set to inform me and give me the option of downloading and 
installing or not but I am hearing that this automatic update of IE 7 may NOT 
give me the option.

    Thanks again for ANY info you all could give me.


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