[guispeak] How is the Program "Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced" for Accessibility with a Screen Reader?

  • From: gerald.g.weichbrodt@xxxxxx
  • To: guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 14:37:58 -0500

Hi all,

Christmas time is coming, and I've been trying to figure out what I might 
enjoy from those who always say I'm hard to figure out in that regard. 
I've been using an aging version of Easy CD Creator 5 Basic for some 
years, now, but I keep hearing what a treat Nero has been for many years 
when it comes to use with a screen reader.  I'd also like improved support 
for DVD burning, MP3, and such.  The noises I've heard lately give me the 
impression that Easy Media Creator (Easy CD Creator's newer, shinier 
successor) is not an improvement in accessibility and may actually be a 
step backward.  So, if I wanted a tool to really help me work with 
recordable disks, even to the point of maybe helping me transfer our stuff 
from video tape over to disks, would I be pleasantly surprised by Nero's 
new, shiny version? Do they continue to think about blind users as they 
seem to have done in the past? By the way, I'm using JAWS 8.0.

Thanks a lot for any help,

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