[guispeak] Homer JAWS scripts with IE enhancements

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:54:02 -0400 (EDT)

Executable installer

Zip archive

With HomerKit 1.1, I am adding extensive support for Internet Explorer.
Documentation is not complete yet, but this message covers the main

The same Homer editor interface is used in the browser for commands that
apply to both, e.g., Forward Find, Reverse Find, Copy Append, Start
Selection, Complete Selection, Alternate Menu, and managing bookmarks.
The list of favorites applies to urls rather than files, and so does Alt+R
for Recent.

Control+S saves the text of the web page to a file on disk, including the
url of that page at the top.  Control+Shift+S appends to a file rather
than replacing it.  The keyboard pattern of the Shift modifier meaning
append rather than replace occurs with several commands.

The scripts are intended to make clipping, combining, and saving parts of
web pages as convenient as possible.

Alt+P says the page url.  If pressed twice quickly, it copies the url to
the clipboard.  Alt+Shift+P appends instead.

Alt+U says the url reference at the cursor position (where the link would
take the browser if activated).  Repeat to copy, or add Shift to append.
Alt+B works similarly for the body of the page.

As usual in the Homer interface, use the Quote Clipboard command,
Alt+Apostrophe, to hear clipboard text.  Control+Apostrophe saves that
text to disk, and Control+Shift+Apostrophe appends to the target file
instead.  Homer generates a unique file name as a default when prompting
for a save target, and re-uses the previous name when prompting for an
append target.

Control+T and Control+Shift+T reverse the previous commands, loading or
appending a text file onto the clipboard.  Control+I and Control+Shift+I
prompt for text to be typed onto the clipboard.

Alt+N is an alternative to JAWSKey+N, attempting to skip navigation links
and go to the main content of the web page.  It searches for a "skip
navigation" link and executes it, if found.  Control+Shift+P searches for
a "printer friendly" link and executes it, if found.

The F9 key is used for "ID bookmarks" instead of the standard index
bookmarks with Control+K.   F9 goes to the next non-blank ID attribute on
the page, and Shift+F9 goes to the previous one.  Control+F9 saves the ID
at the cursor as a bookmark, and Alt+F9 goes to it.

I am still working on an optional, automatic install of these IE scripts
that accounts for different JAWS versions.  For now, anyone wanting to try
the scripts can take a few manual steps as follows:

*  Install HomerKit in the user script folder, using the executable
installer or zip archive.

*  Press JAWSKey+0 when IE is active to load the FS scripts into Script

*  Go to the bottom of the file and Enter the line
Use "HomerIE.jsb"
Press Control+S to save and compile the new file (which will be saved in
the user script folder).

*  Open the user file HomerIE.jkm.  Copy all text to the clipboard, e.g.,
with the Homer Control+F8 command.

*  Open the user file Internet Explorer.jkm or Internet Explorer 5-6.jkm,
depending on the JAWS version (6.2 and above work with the scripts).  Go
to the bottom of the file, paste the clipboard text, and save.

Feedback welcome.

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