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Hi Keith --
Well, are you partially sighted or do you have someone sighted to assist? as 
the bios is not usually accessible without a hardware synth plugged into a 
serial port.
Also, isn't it only run befor windows boots up?
Also, the interface screen to the bios actually is different for different 
hardware, and so some have GUI's and some are text based, so even if you do 
have a speech synth, you may not be able to send the text to the serial port, 
or fire it off to the printer, and of course, it may not be possible to 
interactive change things anyway as you might just be able to get a screen 
snapshot but no feedback about what you are typing.
Bios accessibility is a real pain that haas been the topic of discussion on a 
lot of lists I'm on.  It can't really be pinned down and enforced as there are 
many hardware manufacturers in many countries, and they all do whatever fits 
their needs and probably don't think of a blind person accessing the screen.
Ok, sorry -- perhaps you do have a way of getting to the bios... but thought 
I'd pass it along.  I always have to have a family member in whenever I need to 
access it.
Take care and good luck.

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  Hi Listers.  Recently I needed to get into the BIOS of a machine running 
Windows XP Home.  I did a search on Google and found at least three ways to get
  into BIOS, none of which worked on my machine.
  Any suggestions?

  Keith Bundy
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  Dakota State University
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