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AND NOW FOR TODAY'S TIP... Firewall blocking access

Q. My father used my computer during a visit, and apparently said no
when the firewall asked if a McAfee file should access the Internet.
Now AOL doesn't work. I've reinstalled all the AOL files, but it only
works if I disable the firewall. Also, McAfee's tryout period has
expired. Should I sign up?

A. I'm not sure why saying no to a McAfee file would cause problems
with AOL. But it sounds like you have a mess on your hands.

I would delete the firewall, America Online and McAfee, and start over.
It sounds like you're using a third-party firewall, rather than the
lame firewall in Windows XP. That's good. You want a firewall that will
block outbound transmissions, which XP's will not do.

Yes, you should sign up for anti-virus protection. McAfee is fine.
Other good pay versions are made by Panda and Symantec. ZoneAlarm,
which makes firewalls, has a version that includes anti-virus
protection. Those Web sites are:

There are also free anti-virus programs available. I have links to them
on my site. I also have links to free firewalls. You'll find everything
at: http://www.komando.com/bestshareware.asp

You can download America Online's software on the Web. That address is:

If you do not have Web access without AOL, download all of the programs
before deleting AOL. Save them to your desktop, then install them after
all the old stuff is deleted.

Be sure to delete everything properly. Click Start>>Control Panel in
Windows XP. In earlier Windows versions, click Start>>Settings>>Control
Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. Find the programs and
delete them.

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