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Several months ago I posted a message from the Carroll Center on online classes available for Jaws users on Microsoft applications. Now, classes in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Duxbury use with WindowEyes and large print applications as well as Jaws are now available. I told the list that when the expanded access classes were available from Carroll Tech at the Carroll Center for the Blind I would post the announcement, so here it is:

For Immediate Release January 10, 2005

The Carroll Center for the Blind of Newton, Massachusetts is pleased to announce open enrolment for Carroll Tech's next round of online classes in the use of Microsoft Office applications with speech and large print access technologies.

These six-week long classes will take place entirely over the Internet at carrolltech.org with the bulk of the reading and exercises occurring at anytime and from anywhere the student desires. One hour long live audio chats will take place twice a week with recordings posted for those who cannot attend.

To take part in a Carroll Tech class, each student must have passed the pre-qualifying quiz designed to determine their ability to independently access all of the class content including the readings, videos and exercises. After successfully completing the quiz, each student will need to register for class on our web site at carrolltech.org and arrange to pay the $100.00 registration fee (after applying the $150.00 scholarship provided through the generosity of the Gibney Family Foundation). The fee can be paid by:

* personal check made payable to the Carroll Center for the Blind at 770 Centre St. Newton MA 02458 attention Brian Charlson

* by calling Betty Campbell at the Carroll Center business office 1-800-852-3131 Extension 243 and giving her your credit card information, or

* by going to the Pay Pal link on the CarrollTech.org web site.

The qualifying quiz need only be taken once before your first
introductory level class. Registering for either an intermediate or advanced class may require that the student also successfully complete a quiz on that particular application.

Classes are limited in size and are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. For information on the classes now open for enrolment including start dates, dates and times of audio chat sessions and a syllabus, go to

Act now and be part of this new and exciting advance in access technology training.

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