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  • From: Andy Baracco <wq6r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 22:04:58 -0700

Greetings, The Assistive Technology Center has ititiated a new forum for the public discussion of integrating mainsteram and adaptive technology. We believe that the convergence of these two types of technology will be beneficial to all.

The three main discussion groups to date are General Discussion, New
Technologies, and the DAISY forum.

Users may subscribe to these groups in the same way that one subscribes to
any e-mail list.  The benefit is that you only need to read the threads and
messages that you wish.  Your mailbox will not get overloaded with message
after message of people writing such stirring prose as "I agree", or the
equally moving "I disagree".

Please join us and contribute your own unique thoughts and experiences.  To
join the forum, please go to  <http://www.atechcenter.net/>
www.atechcenter.net and follow the A T C forum link.

Robert Leblond, MCPI
Assistive Technology Center

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