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>> Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, February 10, 2005
>> We can now purchase Window-Eyes and other Gw Micro products online at
Also, new Window-Eyes purchasers or upgraders
>> who
>> live in the U.S. and are not already members of the Bookshare service can
>> get $25 off their subscription to Bookshare.
>> There is now a mailing list to discuss accessing the web using browsers
>> other than Internet Explorer.  To join, send a message to
and put the word subscribe in the
> subject.
>> Alan Cantor presents a two-part workshop, Gears for your PC: More Speed
> and
>> Less Sweat with Macros Windows Macro 2-part Clinic, on Thursdays 17
>> February and 1 March March at 18:00 GMT.  Registering for the free class
>> will also get you links to the recording in case you can't be there for
> the
>> live version.  Learn more about the class at
and register at

>> A lot of blind folks used to use Apple II computers, and some apparently
>> still do.  Jason Smith sends along news of his website devoted to talking
>> Apple computers, at

>> RWF Software has updated its talking calculator program, available for
>> about 3 pounds 50 or 6 U.S. Dollars.  For information, go to

>> Don Barrett recommends the
site for filing U.S.
>> income taxes, as an accessible site.  Meanwhile, Michael Barber finds
>> WebTurboTax, which costs some money, to be accessible:

>> I'm a sucker for number and word logic games, so I wasted some time
> playing
>> Cryple, a free little game where each of the digits from 1-0 is
> represented
>> by a letter, and it's up to you to deduce which letter stands for which
>> digit based on aritimetic problems.  the game works with JFW and
>> Window-Eyes.  I've prepared a 15-minute audio file explaining it, to
>> justify my wasting time playing it.  You can get the audio file at
(you might want to
> right-click
>> and choose Save Target As if your intention is to download the audio
> file,)
>> and the game from

>> Jonathan Mosen reviewed the voice-mail service which is now being tested
> by
>> the popular Skype chat
>> client:

>> The good online radio service I mentioned last week probably didn't work
>> for you, since I mistyped the link.  It is
> proof
>> of why it is best to copy and paste!
>> the OPAL program on the Froogle Online Shopper is already in the archives
>> at
You can attend a live
>> version of this training today at 19:00 GMT.  A program on Finding
>> Scholarly Information on the Internet will be presented three times:
> Monday
>> 14 February at 19:00 GMT, Tuesday 15 February at 16:00 GMT, and Wednesday
>> 16 February at 21:00 GMT.  To attend live sessions, go to

>> Both JFW and window-Eyes enable us to view our misspelled words as we
>> read
>> through a document, but this doesn't really approach the information
>> received by sighted users, who can be warned instantly if the spell
> checker
>> doesn't recognize a word.  One free program I know that gives us that
>> functionality is TinySpell, which puts itself in the system tray and
>> beeps
>> when something you type, in any application, isn't in its dictionary.
>> You
>> can download the program at
or view the home
>> page
If you try it and
>> would
>> find a free audio tutorial helpful, let me know.
>> Free classes in Window-Eyes will be available online for 12 students.
>> the
>> next class will take place Thursday 17 February at 02:00 GMT.  Free
>> membership in For-The-People is required.  To check availability, write
>> to
>> Jennifer Thomas at

>> Audio Enriched Links now works with JFW 6.0!  This handy free JAWS add-on
>> lets you look into links on the web which may not speak properly to find
>> out what the link is really about before visiting it.  Under some
>> circumstances, AEL drastically improves access to difficult web pages.
> You
>> can get Version 1.42, which works with both JFW versions 5.x and 6, at
Peter Parente invites feedback and
>> suggestions at
allows visitors to simulate games between any
>> two teams from history in all popular American sports and generate box
>> scores and game recaps.
streams lots of minor
>> league and amateur American and Canadian sports events.  One
>> enterprising,
>> and perhaps too idle, gentleman has simulated an 80-team baseball
>> tournament, featuring his versions of the 80 greatest teams of all time,
>> and is then broadcasting the resulting games via sportsjuice.  The City
>> of
>> Brotherly Love might (or might not) be abuzz when, beginning Saturday 12
>> February at 01:00 GMT, he broadcasts the game between the 1980 Phillies
> and
>> the 1993 Phillies.
>> Two search engines that are accessible and could replace Google for some
>> searches are
MSN allows
>> for searching Encarta for free, and answers.com searches dictionaries and
>> encyclopedias as well as the web.
>> And seconds before this newsletter was to be e-mailed, news came in that
>> Dolphin Systems has released version 6.5 of their screen reader and
>> magnification programs.  New features include fractional magnification,
> pdf
>> document reading, PowerPoint support, keyboard customization, line view
>> mode, more power with Internet Explorer, and keyboard layouts for other
>> screen readers.  For more information, visit

>> Remember that in relation to GMT, North American Central time is six
>> hours
>> earlier, Johannesburg is two hours later, and Perth Australia is eight
> hours
>> later.
>> That's the news for this week.

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