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Hi all -- the following came over another list...

    ================= Begin forwarded message =================
    Press Release - Title: ViewPlus adds HP Inkjet printing to Braille 
    February 10, 2005
    For Immediate Release
    Media Contact: Jeff Gardner, jeff.gardner@xxxxxxxxxxxx, 541.554.8763

    ViewPlus adds HP Inkjet printing to Braille documents

    ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. (Corvallis, Oregon, February 10, 2005) - 
    announced the release of the Pro Ink Attachment (PIA); Solution for 
    ink print to Braille text and tactile graphic documents. ViewPlus worked
    with Hewlett-Packard Specialty Printing Systems to incorporate HP Inkjet
    into their professional series Braille printers.

    Braille documents can now be shared with sighted colleagues and 
teachers -
    even with friends and family. The PIA prints the corresponding ink
    characters above or alongside the Braille embossing. The PIA also allows 
    images to be embossed and printed. Anything that appears on the computer
    screen can quickly be made into a raised, printed image on paper.

    Attaching the PIA instantly transforms the fast, robust ViewPlus Pro 
    printer into a high-speed embossing printer, creating the only compact
    integrated solution for high volume Braille and ink production. The PIA 
    the only embossing printer capable of double-sided Braille and ink 
    thus saving paper costs in production.

    "Braille readers often have difficulty communicating with sighted people 
    work and in the classroom" says Jeff Gardner, ViewPlus Vice President, 
    & Marketing. "Combining HP Inkjet with the ViewPlus Pro Embosser means
    Braille documents can now be shared with anyone."

    "It is exciting and satisfying to be able to extend the value of any
    Hewlett-Packard solutions in supporting new users such as the market 
    of people with visual impairments or age-related visual limitations" 
    Clay Higgins, Hewlett-Packard Director Sales and Marketing.

    Pro Ink Attachment comes with software to translate text to Braille in 
    Word and Excel. And, unlike other Braille printers, the Pro with PIA is
    quiet so it can be used in a normal office environment. The PIA is now
    available for purchase. Please call your local ViewPlus dealer, or 
    ViewPlus directly (sales@xxxxxxxxxxxx, 541.754.4002) for more details.

    ViewPlus Technologies, Inc.
    ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. is a private firm that develops and 
    hardware and software for people with sensory disabilities, including 
    who are blind, low-vision, and learning disabled. For more information,
    please visit the ViewPlus website, www.viewplus.com, email,
    info@xxxxxxxxxxxx, or call 541.754.4002.

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