[guispeak] Fw: Microsoft posts emergency defense for new attack [NEWS UPDATE] (fwd)

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Sorry about the cross post -- I thought many persons would be interested in 
the following. I read the article but didn't check out the download links.
I failed to find out what damage the malware would do on a system, but it 
has an aggressive way of spreading.

I wonder if this is one of those rumored bits of MSMalware that Microsoft 
creates itself that does no harm to a system, but spreads aggressively --  
then unleashes it on the public, at the same time posting the patch that 
will fix it...

Anyway, happy patching.

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Subject: Microsoft posts emergency defense for new attack [NEWS UPDATE] 

Those who get the excellent newsletter posted below have already heard of
this latest serious threat to all windows users.  I thought all might wish
to update their windows immediately as this threat seems compelling to
react to immediately.


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