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Firefox with Jaws 6.0 or Above
Since the publication of Firefox Accessibility Review
I have recieved several e-mails with questions about
some issues people have expierianced with Firefox when
using Jaws for windows. So I have decided to publish
this guide to using firefox with Jaws to help people
overcome these problems.
The first thing that has to be done in order make
Firefox more accessible is to turn on the inbuilt
accessibility features this can be done by opening
Going to the tools menu by pressing alt + t.
Next open the options dialog box by scrolling down
until to find it or by pressing alt + o .
Next Select the Advanced Tab by pressing the down
arrow 4 times and then press enter.
Next press TAB 2 times to select the "Move system
canet with focus/selection changes" and press space to
select this option.
Next press TAB once to select the "Begin finding when
you begin typing" and press space to select this
Next press ENTER to close the Options Dialog box.
Now close the Firefox browser by pressing alt+f4.
Open Internet Explorer and go to the following URL to
download JAWS Screen Reader Adaptation for Mozilla
Firefox Phase 4. URL:
Make sure that you download all 4 files into the same
Once all the files have being downloaded open the
folder in which you saved the files to and run the
sharkware_phase4_a.exe file and follow the
Also make sure you are familar with the Firefox
Keyboard Shorcuts.
Now you should be able to use the Firefox browser
easily with Jaws for window.
Please e-mail me Questions you may have in regard to
accessibility issues with firefox to

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