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Hi Beth -- Reading this post a couple of times I have concluded that either 
the translator doesn't know english or the system doesn't do much...
I haven't gone to the website however.  Is this related to the earlier post 
Friday about the tactile display developed in Spain?  Is this some sort of 
screen reader software or a hardware technology?
Thanks for the post -- perhaps I should go to the site.
Have a good weekend.

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> Full Press, Italy
> Friday, January 07, 2005
> Web without barriers
> By Mario Calamia
> The Braillenet System is a revolutionary system that provides access to
Internet for blind people.
> It operates by utilizing the black key present on the computer key-board
capable of commuting a text into the graphic screen of the Braille Code. The
result is a page with pictures, written in simple HTML to allow a fast and
easy access to Web, even to those who have an operating system.
> This extraordinary system already tested with the aid of Mr. Claudio
Caranna, a blind graduated phsisics, gives the opportunity to blind people
to use Internet.
> Professor Giuseppe Micali is the author of the system and the creator of
the Braille code graphic screen. He is an executive of the Polyclinic of
Messina -Italy and the webmaster of ASIS news, an online newspaper published
by the Italian School Press Association (School personel Agency accredited
by Ministry of Education, The Universities and reseash Bodies).
> On August 10th 2004 RAI News, National Italian Television Channel 3 Puglia
Region dedicated a special report on BRAILLENET SYSTEM
> The first of its kind, created and programmed by professor G. Micali: -the
search engine (www.braillenet.it) and online newspaper ASIS news both
exclusively devoted to blind people who have free use of the system.
> http://www.fullpress.it/articolo.asp?ID=11707
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