[guispeak] FileDir 2.1 released

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:37:51 -0500 (EST)


Version 2.1
Released February 14, 2007

Fixed names of folder items not being displayed in a view of a zip
archive.  Also fixed Beginning File command, Alt+B or Alt+Home, not
working in an archive view.

Use the Calculate Units command, number sign (#) or Shift+3, to convert
between different units of measure, e.g., between metric and other units
of distance, volume, weight, or temperature.  Pick the type of conversion
from the list box and enter the input value in the edit box.  The output
value is spoken and copied to the clipboard (and may be reviewed with the
Quote Clipboard command, Alt+Apostrophe).  About 80 conversions are
available as follows:

Acre to hectare
Atmosphere to psi
BTU/hour to watt
Celsius to Fahrenheit
Celsius to Kelvin
Centimeter to inch
Cubic ft to cubic m
Cubic m to cubic ft
Day to hour
Day to minute
Degrees to radians
Fahrenheit to Celsius
Fathom to meter
Foot to inch
Foot to meter
Ft/sec to meter/sec
Gallon (US dry) to liter
Gallon (US dry) to quart (US dry)
Gallon (US liquid) to liter
Gram to ounce (avoirdupois)
Gram to ounce (troy)
Hectare to acre
Horsepower (elec.) to watt
Horsepower (metric) to watt
Hour to day
Hour to minute
Inch to centimeter
Inch to foot
Kelvin to Celsius
Kg/sqcm to psi
Kilogram to pound
Kilogram to ton (UK)
Kilogram to ton (US)
Kilogram to ton (metric)
Kilometer to mile
Kilowatt to watt
Knot to mph
Kph to mph
Light-year to mile
Light-year to parsec
Liter to gallon (US dry)
Liter to gallon (US liquid)
Liter to pint (US dry)
Liter to pint (US liquid)
Meter to fathom
Meter to foot
Meter to yard
Meter/sec to ft/sec
Mile to kilometer
Mile to light-year
Minute to day
Minute to hour
Minute to second
Mph to knot
Mph to kph
Ounce (avoirdupois) to gram
Ounce (troy) to gram
Parsec to light-year
Pascal to psi
Pint to liter (US dry)
Pint to liter (US liquid)
Pound to kilogram
Psi to atmosphere
Psi to kg/sqcm
Psi to pascal
Quart (US dry) to gallon (US dry)
Radians to degrees
Second to minute
Square cm to square in
Square ft to square m
Square in to square cm
Square m to square ft
Ton (UK) to Kilogram
Ton (US) to Kilogram
Ton (metric) to Kilogram
Watt to BTU/hour
Watt to horsepower (elec.)
Watt to horsepower (metric)
Watt to kilowatt
Yard to meter

Conversions may be added, modified, or deleted by editing the Convert.txt
file in the FileDir program folder.  A new installation of FileDir will
replace this file, however, so custom changes would need to be manually
backed up and restored.


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