[guispeak] FileDir 1.7 released

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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 11:07:55 -0500 (EST)


Version 1.7
Released January 26, 2007

Fixed the Zip command, Shift+Z, failing when the target archive is located
in another directory.  As before, you can test whether a file can be
unzipped successfully by pressing Alt+U.  Use the new Unzip Password
command, Alt+Shift+U, to set a temporary password for creating,
extracting, or viewing zip archives.  In such cases, FileDir says the
phrase "with password" to remind you that it is applying a password to the
zip archive.  To clear the password, press Alt+Shift+U again and enter a
blank space.

As before, you can use Control+C and Control+V to copy items from one
folder to another.  Control+C copies the full paths of tagged files or
folders to the clipboard, one per line (as plain text that may be reviewed
with the Quote Clipboard command, Alt+Apostrophe).  Control+V copies paths
listed on the clipboard into the current folder.  The new Paste Move
command, Control+Shift+V, moves the originals rather than copying them.
This is equivalent to Control+X followed by Control+V in Windows Explorer.
FileDir no longer uses Control+X as the Cut Recycle command, because the
differing behavior of that key from Windows Explorer could result in
inadvertent deletion of files.

Since FileDir is a program designed to be generally available while
running others, it offers a few, simple utilities not directly related to
file management.  As before, the Evaluate command, Control+E, prompts for
a mathematical expression, and then copies the result to the clipboard.
The new F12 related keys provide timer and alarm features (you may
associate the number 12 with a clock).

Press F12 to start a timer.  FileDir prompts for the announcement interval
and stop time.  The announcement interval , measured in seconds, is how
often FileDir will announce the amount of time elapsed since the start of
the timer, e.g., a value of 60 means to announce at minute intervals.
These verbal announcements occur regardless of what program is currently
in the active window.  Use a blank or 0 value to run the timer without
automatic announcements.  Press Alt+F12 at any time to check how much time
has elapsed so far.  If a timer is already running, the F12 key pauses it.
If paused, F12 resumes.  Press Shift+F12 to stop the timer and hear the
total time it was running.

In the dialog that prompts for the announcement interval, another field is
the stop time.  A blank or 0 value means that the timer will run until
manually stopped by pressing Shift+F12 or exiting FileDir.  Instead, a
stopping point may be specified as a date and time.  The date and time
components are each optional.  If a date is used, it must include at least
the month and day, separated by the forward slash character (/) -- or
equivalent for non-U.S. formatting conventions.  If a time is used, it
must include at least the hour and minute, separated by a colon character
(:) -- or non-U.S. equivalent.  If both date and time components are used,
type the date, a space, and then the time.  Without a time, today's date
is assumed.  A time may use either the military, 24-hour convention, or
the AM/PM suffix (otherwise AM is assumed if the hour is less than 13).
Examples of valid date/time values are as follows:
2:00 PM
7/27 6:30
2007/7/27 6:30:15

When the stop time is reached, FileDir plays some chimes and ends the
timer.  Such an alarm may be used either with or without intervening
announcements of time intervals.  A timer runs independently of other
FileDir operations, so you can continue working in FileDir while using
this capability.


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