[guispeak] Re: File Decompression Problem in XP

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Hi Dan,
I've been reading the various posts made on this subject over the weekend. 
 I'm not familiar with 7Zip, but it occurred to me to suggest uninstalling 
it so that you would be back to just Windows XP's native support for 
zip-files.  My experience has been that installation of other 
zip-file-handling software generally renders the native support 
inoperative or at least unreliable.  I'm thinking you might want to try 
moving back to the native support provided with XP, see how that works, 
and then, if you like, reinstall your 7Zip.  At the very least, I suspect 
testing out the build-in XP support might tell you if there are other 
health problems in your copy of XP.

As well, if you haven't installed XP Service Pack 2, I'd highly recommend 
it.  SP2 has been around a long time, and it provides good strong 
enhancements and bug-fixes.  Installing it may also fix some problems that 
could have crept into your copy of XP over time.


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[guispeak] File Decompression Problem in XP

Hi all.
I'm using XP Service Pack 2 Home edition.
Just within the past week or so, I have not been able to unzip any file 
folders.  If I use the utility that comes with XP, I get the usual vague 
error message from Microsoft.  If I use 7Zip, I get a diagnostic message 
saying that I have CRC failures and the file is broken.
I haven't installed anything new lately or made any changes to my system. 
I also, in hopes of solving the problem, ran deep maintenance today on my 
system with the same results.
I would appreciate anything anyone could tell me about how to correct this 
Thanks in advance.

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