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Keith.  I'd also be interested to know if DNS 11 works with Jaws 12 without 
J-Say.  I have RSI and need to be able to control my computer by voice.  I 
heard a demo done in 2007 using Vista built in speech and System Access with no 
third party software.  They worked out of the box together.  I'm hoping System 
Access has improved on this since then with Win 7.  I'm trying to track this 
information down now.  I really wish DNS and Jaws worked together out of the 
box or that DNS would work with any screen reader without heavy scripting.

It isn't just the high price of J-Say that bothers me.  It is also the idea of 
a 3rd party being involved to make things work.  Support issues and reliability 
are a nightmare.



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  Is anyone using Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Edition successfully with a 
screen reader without using an intermediary program such as J-Say or J-Tools?




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