[guispeak] Can a Blind Person Create a DVD from Captured Video Using Off-the-shelf Software?

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 15:34:02 -0400

Hi all,
Last year I bought a package at Best Buy that consisted of a video capture 
unit (I think it was called "Dazzle") that plugs into a USB port and a 
basic edition of Pinnacle Studio.  I was able to connect our old High 8 
video camera to the capture box and record the data onto the computer 
without a huge amount of trouble, although I think I may have needed a bit 
of sighted help to activate some of the controls.  Then the "fun" began. I 
simply could not figure out how to save the captured movie in any format I 
was familiar with.  Ideally I'd have made a DVD disk.  Alternatively I'd 
have made some sort of movie file.  Even with a team consisting of myself 
and my wife together I couldn't manage to make an output file in a format 
that made sense to me.  On top of that, of course, there was so much 
emphasis on mouse-clicky stuff that I don't think I'd have gotten anywhere 
without sighted help.  For a package that's supposed to be so popular, I'm 
not impressed especially given that working together with my sighted wife 
we couldn't figure out how to produce a meaningful product.

This isn't intended to be a blast against Pinnacle Studio.  What I want to 
know is if there's any software out there that I as a blind person can 
learn to understand enough to be able to create a DVD or movie file by 
capturing video through that Dazzle capture unit.  The goal is essentially 
to archive video tapes of "home movies" in a format that will be supported 
into the future.  Is Windows Movie Maker (which I think is included with 
Windows) a viable option, or would it be so blind-hostile as just to be 
another source of frustration? Would Multiquence, the audio/video mixing 
product from the maker of Gold Wave, be of any use to me? Is the whole 
exercise simply impossible and I should just give up in despair?

Thanks for any help,

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