[guispeak] Audio of Dueling Operating Systems at CSUN 2008 available

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Subject: CSUN 2008 Conference MP3 Presentation, Dueling Operating Systems,

Please find a link below to the blog text and audio for this presentation.
The file is 1 hour and 52 minutes long, and about 52MB in size:

I can add additional text or links to the blog entry if you like, e.g.
to the products used, to the presenters, other related entities, or
related resources.

The recording was made using an Olympus DS50 recorder, and has been saved
as a mono MP3 file.  I have reviewed the beginning and select parts of the
recording but have not reviewed the entire contents.

In the presentation, an Apple Macintosh Voiceover, Orca Linux, and Jaws
For Windows user complete identical tasks using their assistive and
mainstream technologies.  The presentation highlights the strengths and
weaknesses of each operating system, related assistive technologies, and
individual user experiences.


Direct Link To MP3:

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