[guispeak] Announcing 3.0 release of JAWS scripts for Mozilla Thunderbird

  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dev-accessibility@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, programmingblind <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 09:14:19 -0500

These are free, open source scripts to improve the accessibility and productivity of the Thunderbird email client for users of the JAWS screen reader.

Executable installer

Zip archive for manual installation

The scripts and installer are intended to work with JAWS 10 and above on
Windows XP and above, either 32 or 64-bit.

Version 3.0
December 21, 2010

Made hotkeys for reading particular message fields work more reliably:
Alt+1 through Alt+5 for saying or spelling (when repeated) the From, To,
CC, BCC, or Subject fields.  Press Control+Shift+C to copy the last
field spoken to the clipboard.

Fixed the Page Urls command, Alt+P.  Note that depending on the number
of urls in the message, there may be a significant delay in extracting
them.  Repeat Alt+P quickly to virtualize the list.  Press Enter on an
item in the list to download it.

Previously, Alt+N or Alt+P could be used in an open message to go to the
next or prior message in the message list.  Now this may be done with
Alt+PageDown or Alt+PageUp.  Also, Alt+Period and Alt+Comma duplicate
this functionality.  A new variation uses Control rather than Alt and
opens the target message.  This is similar to how Control+Period and
Control+Comma work for navigating open messages in Microsoft Outlook or
Outlook Express.  Control+PageDown and Control+PageUp duplicate this.
Control+Slash may be used to read the currently open message instead of
navigating to another one.

Made the reading of message columns configurable.  Use the new Script
Options command, Alt+Shift+O, to define what columns in a message list
are automatically spoken.  An edit box lets you specify a sequence of
characters corresponding to the initial letters of one or more of the
following message fields to be spoken:  CC, From, Subject and To.  Use a
lower case letter to hear only the data in the field, if any.  Use an
upper case letter to hear the field label spoken before the field data.
  The default sequence is as follows:


This means that the From (sender) field will be spoken, followed by the
Subject field, and then the To (recipient) field.  Since these letters
are lower case, field labels will not be spoken before the data.  The
last letter, however, is a capital C, so if a CC recipient is found, the
word "CC" will be spoken before it.  This helps to differentiate CC from
To recipients when hearing a message summary in the list.

In order for the scripts to find certain fields (the To and CC fields),
Thunderbird must be configured to show the message preview pane.  This
may be toggled with the F8 key.  A new script attached to this key will
say either "Message Preview On" or "No Message Preview" depending on the
result of the toggle.

In case changes in this version of the scripts inadvertently reduce
functionality you experienced in the prior version, it is still
available at these locations:

Executable installer

Zip archive

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