[guispeak] Re: A question about JAVA Applets and JFW 5.1

  • From: star@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: guispeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 21:02:29 -0800 (PST)

Hey Chris,

I am sorry to say this but it is all new technology. For JAWS to be able
to read some text  the object may have to have been programned with a
screen reader in mind. In case it was not you will not be able to have it
read with Jaws.

Also you will need Java 1.4.2 and the accessbridge.

Hope that helps,
Arthur Jacobs

> Hi Folks.  I'd like to know what the status of JAWS is concerning JAVA
> in Web pages.  I'm using JFW 5.1 with IE 6 under Windows XP Home
> Edition.  I had to help someone access a secured, employee's only site
> operated by one of our local banks, which evidently has a close working
> relationship with our rehab center for the blind.  This Web site
> contained a frame where you enter personal info like employee benefits.
> The site is divided into frames and the frame where you enter this
> information is totally inaccessible.  JAWS reads the screen as a Java
> application.  I know Freedom Scientific has been looking into this issue
> for quite a while now, but I was wondering if we'll see better access to
> these types of sites in the future.
> Thanks,
> Chris.

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