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I dont groom as often as I should, but Flatties dont have an undercoat, so they dont shed a lot though Wren is in full moult at the moment, but she doesnt shed all year round. I wouldnt waste money on a furminator, try the shedender, it does the same job but is a much cheaper and fits more comortably in the hand, as its more like a standard comb in shape, but has the furminator working head.We are told not to use them more than about once a week as they can strip too much hair out. When Wren is shedding I make sure I give her a jolly good brush before I take her in to the shops and so on.


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just wondering how offten everyone grooms their dog. also do any of u use the furminator if so how do u find it? it's expensive enough so is it worth the money. i find the zoom groom pretty good.
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