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Hell all! I'm glad to be a part of this project. My name is Alyssa and
I'm from Mo though I currently attend college in Il. I'm a freshman at
Northern Illinois University hoping to receive my degree in special
education for the blind and visually impaired. I'm also a guide dog
user. My pretty girl is a golden lab cross named Sophie from Leader
Dogs for the blind in Mi. I don't exactly know what my place in this
group is, but I'm happy to help with writing. Research is somewhat out
of the question for me since I am a busy college student between
studies and friends. I do enjoy writing though and hope to be of some
assistance in this project. I also suffer from generalized anxiety
disorder, so I'm okay with giving an interview. Anyway, that's a
little about me and of course, the Sophie girl.
On 12/13/13, Michelle Medina <michellem86@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Nice to meet everybody else.
> I'll be of as much help as I can be.
> Michelle
> On 12/13/13, Michelle Medina <michellem86@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Jewel,
>> Would you please give an intro for me, you already know why I'm asking
>> as I've emailed you offlist.
>> Thank you,
>> Michelle
>> On 12/13/13, Lauren Merryfield <lauren1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am Lauren Merryfield from northern California. I am owned by 3 cats
>>> and
>>> have one human daughter.
>>> I am interested in this project both as a client and as one with an MSW
>>> degree.
>>> When I was young, my depression and other issues went unaddressed. Back
>>> in
>>> 1983 I had a reaction to reglan and took myself to the hospital where I
>>> was
>>> taken off reglan but also diagnosed with mild bipolar disorder. I have
>>> been
>>> on meds ever since, thank goodness.
>>> I experienced issues related to mental health professionals not knowing
>>> what
>>> to do with a blind person which interfered with the treatment process at
>>> the
>>> beginning especially.
>>> I am interested in helping on this project. I am not wanting to do
>>> research
>>> but I can help with being interviewed and writing.
>>> I think that mental health professionals need to have a guidebook which
>>> is
>>> as required as the dsm4 or 5. Either that, or the info needs to be
>>> incorporated into the next dsm. (diagnostic and statistical manual).
>>> Many blessings,
>>> Lauren
>>> . To think that I know what's best for anyone else is to be out of my
>>> business. Even in the name of love, it is pure arrogance, and the result
>>> is
>>> tension, anxiety, and fear. Do I know what's right for me? That is my
>>> only
>>> business. Let me work with that before I try to solve problems for you.
>>> ~ Byron Katie from Loving What Is
>>> For my new book go to:
>>> www.TheresMoreThanOneWay.com
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>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Because there are a number of us interested in creating the Intersection
>>> of
>>> Blindness and Mental Health guidebook for mental health professionals, I
>>> decided we needed a base of communication.
>>> That is the purpose of this mailing list. Anyone who showed interest in
>>> the
>>> project was subscribed. If you don't want to be a part of it, please
>>> feel
>>> free to unsubscribe.
>>> Please introduce yourself, your connection to the mental health system,
>>> and
>>> tell us what you'd like to do for the project. Below is my introduction,
>>> and
>>> I hope everyone will follow me in providing this important introduction.
>>> So
>>> here's me:
>>> My name is Jewel. I am the owner/moderator of the guidebook-project
>>> list.
>>> I
>>> came up with the idea of a guidebook while talking to a friend about the
>>> poor treatment that blind and visually impaired clients get in
>>> psychiatric
>>> hospitals. Canes are taken away, guide dogs are treated like pets or
>>> vicious
>>> animals, and no inclusion is practiced, leaving blind and VI clients out
>>> of
>>> many therapy sessions, particularly recreational and art therapy.
>>> I am 28 years old and currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
>>> I
>>> will be in my final semester at community college in the spring and will
>>> transfer as a junior to North Carolina Central University in the summer
>>> to
>>> work on a bachelor's in elementary education. I plan to take a year's
>>> break
>>> after that to work as a nurse's tech at a local psychiatric hospital,
>>> hopefully with children, then will return to NCCU to work toward a
>>> Master's
>>> in Special Education of the Blind.
>>> I have been in-patient a number of times due to major depressive
>>> disorder,
>>> generalized anxiety disorder, and adjustment disorder with borderline
>>> and
>>> obsessive tendencies. I currently attend a support group that focuses on
>>> skill building and a  psychologist comes to my home once a week. In
>>> addition, I have an alter ego named Derek. He is
>>> 18 years old and would get angry if I did not mention him. He will
>>> *not* be posting to this list, though people who know me from another
>>> mental
>>> health list may know him as rude, offensive, easy to anger, and a
>>> chronic
>>> liar. He is, my therapist says, my subconscious way of putting the blame
>>> for
>>> negative emotions on something else.
>>> As a future teacher of the blind, I feel I am most suited to researching
>>> the
>>> inclusion of blind and visually impaired clients in the various forms of
>>> therapy, particularly recreational, art, music, dance, and
>>> skill-building.
>>> I
>>> plan on interviewing both clients and professionals about what they
>>> would
>>> like to see change or the difficulties they have faced. Then, I'll
>>> research
>>> methods of including blind and VI clients in these therapy sessions with
>>> an
>>> eye toward improving the interaction of clients and professionals
>>> through
>>> a
>>> better understanding of how blind and VI people access the activities in
>>> these therapy sessions. I could use all the help I can get as well as
>>> advice
>>> on the best way to do my part.
>>> As the owner/moderator of this list, I will not tolerate spam,
>>> advertisement, or any seriously off-topic posts. Anyone who does this
>>> will
>>> get two warnings before they are unsubscribed from the list. I also
>>> would
>>> like to encourage people to use trigger warnings, as several on here
>>> have
>>> mental health issues that can be triggered by certain subjects. Trigger
>>> warnings should be used for such topics as death, suicide or suicidal
>>> thoughts, and sellf-injury. Other topics that may have trigger warnings,
>>> at
>>> your discretion, are religion, politics, and offensive language/cursing.
>>> You
>>> can add a trigger warning by adding "*Trigger: <topic>*" to your subeect
>>> field and placing the same at the start of the post, followed by two to
>>> three blank lines. If you feel you will be triggered by a post, come
>>> back
>>> to
>>> it at a time you feel more comfortable with the topic or delete the
>>> message.
>>> All members are expected to participate in one way or another. I
>>> understand
>>> busy lifvs, but if you are here you are committing to work on the
>>> guidebook
>>> project. To that end, members need to check in at least once a month
>>> with
>>> what they are doing toward the completion of the guidebook and where
>>> their
>>> progress stands. Please also post anything you feel is connected to the
>>> project that should be shared with others.
>>> Well, that's it from me. I look forward to learning more about all of
>>> you
>>> and getting started on this amazingly exciting project.
>>> Yours sincerely,
>>> Jewel Shuping
>>> herekittykat2@xxxxxxxxx
>>> 919-802-1576
>>> Skype: juliennexgaspard

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