[guidebook-project] Out of the hospital

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  • Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 15:02:38 -0500

Dear all,
I  got out of the hospital this morning. I've been catching up on
reading emails since, but there were too many to reply to all of them,
so I had to read and delete. Sorry about that!
I  am waiting for the authorization to come through for a group home,
then will start looking for one that meets my needs. I  have an idea
what I'm looking for, but have never done this before, so we'll see
how it goes. Placement could take up to a month, and in the meantime,
I'll be sleeping on an air mattress in Mike's room since he took in a
roommate. But hey, that'll mean I will have more money in February
because I'll be paying less toward bills. I have a lot to do in the
meantime, sorting my belongings, looking for group homes that might be
a good fit, starting an internet store for my clay creations (more
about that soon for blind-mentalhealth and did-talk), and talking to
my school about summer classes to make up for the classes I had to
drop before they ever started because I was still in the hospital and
didn't know when I would be out.
Well, that's me. I'm doing better, but have lots to work on. How is everyone?

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