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Marion I am glad to see you here.  I did not know you and your wife are involved with mental health. I am hundreds of emails behind and as you know don't have much time to post but since I deal with mental health at my agency its a subject dear to me. This year I received an award from my work in advocacy in mental health from  Mental Health. I was very honored for another agency to choose me. My agency closed early that day to be there . I think what people don't realize is when there is mental illness that needs to be treated first not the blindness. I had a guest speaker at the group I facilitate and he was one of the founders of his agency. I explained that people see the blindness and not the hidden disability.

Marilyn and Anna 
 On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 03:00 PM, Marion Gwizdala wrote:
 > Dear All,
        Many of you may already know me but may be unaware of other
interests I bring to this project. My name is Marion Gwizdala; I serve as the president of the National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU), a strong & proud division of the National Federation of the Blind. As such, I am interested in offering my expertise on guide dog iddues and the relevant laws concerning the right of individuals to be accompanied by their guide
dogs while accessing medical and/or mental health services.

        I also bring another perspective to this issue in that I am a mental
health practitioner. I have been in private practice as a Certified
Hypnotherapist for more than 20 years and serve as co-Chair of the Policy & Law Committee of the Human Services Division of the NFB. My wife, Merry Schoch, is the president of the division and is in private practice as a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. I am also a published author and am
willing to help in the editing of this manual.

        It seems as if we have a lot of great talent working on this
project. I am looking forward to offering my input.
With warm regards,
Marion Gwizdala

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