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  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 21:39:22 +0100

Making bracelets with your names on now from my pop bottles, glad you liked the 
red, blue and white items i sent and look forward to description of photo, good 
luck in winning, i have dressing gowns on, i do not know the weather, i only go 
out once a week which is tomorrow, so will know how warm it is when the cold or 
heat or rain hits my good hand, i have been listening to all the machines that 
are available, like your sizzix machine, you will love the cricut, it cuts and 
colours and draws and makes cards that are coloured and cut all in one go, like 
a daidy would be cut in shape of daisy and coloured front back, wow i love it, 
but do not think i can do it, you can plug it into your computer where your u s 
b plug goes, wish guide could talk it, it has hundreds of designs, shapes all 
on there website that you can choose from and design, from animals, flowers, 
musical instruments etcetera, i told our sarah on guide, she is intrigued and i 
think may get one, oh i am envious, you can write your name and have it small 
or as big as twelve inches, in any font like italic or squiggly, straight, 
curved etcetera, you can even over lap the letters or real writing, you just 
type the letters you want from your keyboard, what you think of that, i think 
it is amazing, it is only a couple of hundred pounds too.

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Good afternoon Vanessa 
wow just got your carnations here now red one blue one and white oh brilliantly 
ah nice 
got flowers tiny ones too and lollipot sticks straws cool yea 

hey vanessa wait till i make my hat weill get James to take photograph  and 
send it to you and get your daughter to explaine it to you ok 
nice secret what i am going to put on mine 
can't tell you as three people on here know some of my friends hahahahahahaha 
top secret 

oh mine weill win the hat competition bet you on that 

well been in garden all afternoon at coffee group 
wow bloody hot hot hot outside here now 
25 degrees think that is about 78 think so don't understand the tempretures 
oh wow hot 

having ham salad chips later on too hot for hot meal 
got ice cream for later 

right going for cool wash now 
Love Carol xxxx

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