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  • Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 23:00:28 +0100

Hi clare 
Oh thank  you for understanding your such a angel you know 
thank you 
Take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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Hi Carol oh yes it's so cool we change the subject I think it's ideal. OH 
that's such lovely news you will be now getting magazines by email oh that will 
be much better for you for sure so no I don't mind not sending you my braille 
ones anymore. In fact that will save me and my mum having to post them and it 
will save us the worry of not knowing if you have received them or not so my 
mum just told me to tell you that even though we didn't mind sending you my 
braille magazines it's a relief to us not to have to do it anymore and we both 
agree that you getting magazines by email is much better for you. Yes I do find 
that I don't always have time to read as there's so much going on so my 
magazines just pile up and that's another thing now I don't have to send them 
to you anymore I don't have to rush to read them I can take my time with them. 
Well Pat doesn't read braille but I may find someone else who wants them. Maybe 
our blind society may want them. I admit I still love to read something in 
braille as it gives me a break from my computer and can just relax in my chair 
as I read so there is a good side to braille even though it's big and bulky. I 
also love my daisy talking books for the same reason as can just sit and relax 
while listening to a book it's ideal. Yes those months are the busiest for me 
too. How cool your arts class starts back on the Friday I go to Auntie Pearl's 
not bad going. I know you will look forward to that. Well Carol have a lovely 
time tomorrow. Love Clare xxxx.

Carol said.

Hi clare 
have you noticed we change subjet line to carol or clare 
barmy aren't we?

clare got message for you from our Julie 
she said can you not send me any more of them magazines in braille 

reason is might getting my magazines on email now which is much better for me 

Oh can't wait nicer then having all clutter now in my flat 
henshaws do not want them any more either oh how weird 
Oh clare won't it be great if i get magazines now on emails 

thinking of getting progress back again 
not sure yet though 
Hope you don't mind me not having braille magazines fed up now of braille 
magazines now some times don't have time to raed them all 

Let me know if you don't mind me not having them from you any more perhaps pat 
in your blind club might want them off you 
what do you think clare? 
Do you find that you can't always find time to raed all braille magazine?

now that i go out a lot watch all my soaps and emails never have time to sit 
and raed now 

weird aren't i?hahahehehehehehe  
Thank you 

My busiest months of the year is october and november and december 
love it 

back at henshaws on Friday 2nd of september in arts class group horray 

so that is good news 
excited now 

Right take care 
Love Carol x.x.x.x.

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