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  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 20:51:31 -0000

Don't worry about chat, It will happen some day. Home comes first. We have had 
about an inch or two of snow  but all gone now. We had a mini tornado in the 
next street last week. It caused some damage to buildings and turned a car over 
and some trees. 

Casper is between seven and eight. Not sure because he was a rescued cat when 
he was about  three. He's very loving, more like a dog. follows me every where. 
talks all the time and sings when I play the mouth organ. Wouldn't swap him for 
the world.

love Malcolm. xxx.

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for the email and sorry to take a while getting back.  I am a bit busy 
at the moment and don't always have time to go online.  No, we haven't talked 
yet but hopefully that situation will be rectified soon.

Well, we haven't had any snow down here in the sunny South-West although there 
was news of icy patches on some roads but it was okay here.  I don't like snow 
and ice as it prevents me from going out.

You ask about my dog and cats.  Javine will be seven next month but acts as 
though she is about two, Tao, my Burmese/Berman is around fifteen and is 
starting to act like it, getting a bit crotchety and Willow is around three but 
she is very aloof and not at all friendly.  How old is Casper?  

Bye for now,


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