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Clare, can you tell me when miss Piggy has her hair done, is it done in pig 
tails. HEhehehe.

love Malcolm. xxx.

Good afternoon all. I had a lovely catch up with Anna as always over cake and a 
cuppa in cafe. I had lemon drizzle cake. Shame not chocolate but still yummy 
and a nice change. I will certainly make up for that lack of medicine later. 
Anna gave me a chocolate orange and also the latest Will Young CD ah how lovely 
of her. This is my Christmas present but she said I can have it now not bad 
going. I didn't have Will on my list of CD's so this was a nice surprise. My 
mum also loves Will Young so she will be happy she may even listen to it more 
than me haha. Anna and Keith are looking forward to going to New Zealand can't 
believe it's only a week away now. Their family are all keeping well and they 
are too. It's scary to think we won't see each other till the end of January as 
they don't get back till 13 January. I can't wait to hear all about her time in 
New Zealand so exciting. She's so happy I'm doing so well and to hear I have 
lots of parties. She says I have a better social life than she does oh that's 
so funny. Well she has her man so that more than makes up for it. I told her 
that and she laughed saying that's true. Well tonight our little Jamie is in 
his first nativity play at school ah bless. My parents are going to watch him 
not bad going. Well I'm going to chill out for the rest of the day and it's so 
cold, windy and rainy I have the best place home keeping warm for sure. Carol, 
I'm so happy you had such a lovely time with your Stella yesterday your beef 
dinner so yummy and glad you got those cool new cardigans and that broach so 
you are all set for your parties and the big day now. I know you will be able 
to see better after your hair cut haha. I'm having mine done on Saturday at 11 
AM so there we go again psychic twins on the same week. Senn, I'm glad all went 
well with your test even though it was a waste of time so hope it will be a 
positive outcome. Love Clare

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