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people take advantage of us, even shops, the shop our poor carol went to took 
advantage of her, hobbycraft sold her a machine called big shot and told her it 
was new model and said seventy five pounds was a good price, hobby craft sell 
it online for fifty something pounds, yes the same shop, it is an old model and 
complicated for us, she still needs to buy the embossing mats on top of that 
price and will have to buy different makes of dies for the machine as not  
available, our carol was too excited and wanted it so badly and i think the 
shop took advantage, i told carol before about which machines are the best, as 
in the best and safest and easiest for our needs, the spellbinders grand 
calibre is pink all over, it has a lever on the front to stop it moving, you 
just move the lever to the right and it stays solid on the work surface, it has 
three plates and a rubber mat for embossing, the plates are different colours 
so that we know which plate is which we can put the colour decoder on the plate 
and the base plate is white, the cutting plate is light blue green grey and the 
embossing plate is light orange and costs seventy one pounds and you get the 
machine, three plates and the embossing mat, extremely safe and easy to use and 
uses all makes of dies, i put a piece of baking paper in between the die and 
card of intricate dies, as it just falls out of the die more easily, wax paper 
should be used but is not in this country as yet, so baking paper is second 
choice, the machine folds and is light to carry with a solid handle which is 
part of machine and not a seperate loose handle and can be stored in small 
area, top proffessional card makers use it too, if your making pictures, cards 
or designing this is machine i recommend.

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Good afternoon all 
Oh wow what great news 
Carer took me to Hobbie craft on warren road in stockport in the peel centre 
retail shopping part 
oh wow guess what 
I got myself 
the big shot cutter and embossing machine oh wow boy excited 
paid £75 wow 
yes I know 
but well woth it 
got three embossing folders flower leaf and heart and star 
oops sorry mean 4 
hey its our vanessa talking me in to these kind of things 
she got one too 
wow cool this lady came down stairs to demonstrate it to me got dvd in it too 
wow mine is pink 
silver base funny shape though love it 
oh so excited now 
she said you canot get the old fashioned dies that i want as discontinuined 
can't put my bulky old dies in these latest big shot she said could break it 
so finally changing my ways now going with the modern times 

This bloke was making me laugh he said 

its not the victorian times now love hahahahahahahahaha 
I said hey your right mate need to get with it now and move on 


oh wow love it going to be difficult because you have to place few plastic 
squares on top of one and other and trying to remember each one is so damm hard 

but this lady told me to braille the plastic boards 
oh wow excited 

then went in thorntons shop oh my  tasted fresh strawberry dipped in choclate 
oh boy gorgeous 
bought 4 in tray oh my beautiful 
made messs on my clean jumper oh dear dripped all over my jumper they were on 
cocktail stick 
like a baby aren't I?

must dash now too excited to stay on here going to look at my new toy now 

oh wow 

love carol xxxx

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