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:Fwd: Baby's little instruction book page46

Sleep in the same bed as your 
parents when:
a) You have nightmares
b) You're poorly
c) You know they want to try and
expand the family!
Be ticklish
Refuse to eat the meals that have 
taken the longest to prepare
Ensure your first ever homemade
Christmas decorations are
displayed prominently, no matter
how amateurish they look
Be ashamed of your parents
Don't eat chips without ketchup
Don't eat anything without chips
Fill your nappy immediately it's
been changed
Sneeze with your mouth full
Poke at people's eyes
ensure your parents never have 
the time to get up to anyhing
Demand attention during
Coranation Strete or any other soaps
Never be tempted to pull at fake
jewellery - only the real thing
Sunk your thumb
Play with coal
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