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jokes after maney  years of married  life  a man  comes impotent  after seeking 
help  everwere he eventually 
turens to a wichdocter   the witchdocter  cast a powerful   spell  and tells 
the man  that all he as to do is get an erection is say  one  too three he,ll 
then  be sttiff  for as long as he wonts to make the erection   disappear  
someone  has to say one too three   four   there is a catch  how ever  once the 
spell as been used  it can not be used  again  for another  year the man rushes 
home and gets tobed wife and says  one too three is puzzled  wife says what did 
you say one too three  for           

harry  and tom are chang in  the locker  room when tom renarks  on the huge  
size of is penis    its a beauty  isn't  it  says harrey
its a transplant   job cost  me £10000 
a few months  later they were back in the locker  room 
 tom  drops is trousers  and says you were ripped  off with that  transplant i 
had a new one fitted  last month  and it  only  cost me £500 
herry peeres at toms  new  penis and says  no wonder  it was so cheep  thats my 
old one   

harry as a crush  on a girl  at work  he is dying to ask her  out on a date but 
every time he sees her  he gets huge   uncontrollable  erection one one day 
summons  up the nerve to phone her and they arrange to go on a date  to prepare 
for the evening  harry  straps  his penice to is leg so he won't embarrass  him 
self  he arrives at the girls house and rings on the  door bell unfortunately 
she answers the door  in her underwere and harry  kicks her in the face   

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