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Well it's meant to be a singing comp.

But them 2 can't so why are they in at all?

bloody pack of merchants.

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Oh Goodness Scott, don't get me started on those 2 tallentless wonders!  I 
thought it was supposed to be a tallent show.
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> Or press shift hold it down and press f11.
> What Davy says is right too both will work for you.
> Now didn't the frog even do a song?
> Well if John and deadwood can, I guess any old towed could.
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> Hi,
> just a note as someone is trying to exterminate the frog.
> to make the change to Jane from the main Menu  Press  number 9  then 
> number 8 to go in to settings then press number 1 for text and voice Press 
> number 2 it should say change my voice then all you need to do is press 
> number 2 and then enter waiting for a couple of seconds and the voice 
> should then change.
> all you have to do then is to keep pressing escape until you get back to 
> the main menu.
> think that this is right or I am certain that someone else will correct 
> what I have written.
> I am a regular user of Jane but for a change changed voice and this one is 
> so quiet and deep I cannot here it half the time.
> hope that this is helpful.
> you can now report me to the artificial RSPCA for killing artificial 
> frogs. hoe hoe hoe.
> wonder about the cost of other voices as I would not mind a change from 
> time to time.
> how about the voice of the DR Who Dialects as a voice we could use.
> exterminate exterminate Exterminate.
> he's back on the box tonight.
> From Dave. 

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