[guide.chat] To Senn

  • From: "clare moulds" <clare@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Guide Chat" <guide.chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 21:20:09 +0100

Good evening senn, oh dear that's not good you had internet problems oh what a 
pain. Glad you back in action now though so hope it stays that way. Yes our 
computers are a lifeline so a pain when they go wrong for sure. Oh how cool 
your favourite Robbie song is angels so yet another thing we have to add to our 
long list of things in common. Yes if only we lived near each other that would 
be so cool we would have a ball for sure and of course not forgetting a choc 
filled time. You could show me anything technical like copying CD's as I'm not 
very technical that would be so amazing. Oh I did fall off my chair and fainted 
at the shock of your lack of choc fix yet again oh dear that's not good. You 
will have to make up for lost time for sure. Yes the weather is strange for 
sure. OH, I must say it's mucky duck 2, not mighty duck but yes mighty duck 
sounds so good too and so funny. Maybe our lovely prince Malcolm could be our 
mighty duck hahahaha. Now there's a thought. He may tell me off for saying that 
so I better watch out haha. Glad your niece came over this morning lovely for 
you to catch up with her of course. Have a good day tomorrow and hope your 
weather will be better. Keep you posted on mine at blind club. Love Clare xxxx.

Good evening Clare,
at the time of writing, I have no internet and can't send or get e mails, what 
a pain!
Interesting that you have Robbie Williams greatest hits and your favourite is 
angel, I like that one too and also like another one of he's but can't remember 
what its called.
Oh thanks so much for saying that you would do me a copy of take that's 
greatest hits if you could do it.
Shame we don't live near each other, I could show you what to do, not because 
of copying the disc for me but it would be great if I could show you.
The weather here has been grey, damp and wet all day, strange its been sunny 
your way.
Oh I too think mighty duck 2 is a cute name. smiles.
Glad you had a good chill out day and had that important choc fix, I haven't 
yet! smiles.
Hope you haven't fallen off your chair with that news. smiles.
My niece came this morning and stayed till after lunch.
It was great to see her, we had a good chat.
Can't think of anything else for now.
Have a good evening and a nice time at the blind club tomorrow.
Take care.

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